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Alberta Courts

Contains information about the courts of Alberta including contacts information and forms.
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Alberta Legislation

An alphabetical catalogue of all Alberta’s Statutes.
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Divorce Act (Canada), RSC 1985 c.3:

Canada Divorce Act.
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Family Law Act, SA 2003 c. F-4.5:

Family Law Act
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Matrimonial Property Act

Province of Alberta – Matrimonial Property Act
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Alberta Court Forms

Alberta Rules of Court – Family Law Forms
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Child Support

Federal Child Support Guidelines

Federal Government web site which contains the Guidelines themselves and information on how to calculate the proper amount of child support.
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Federal Child Support Tables

The Department of Justice has created easy tools to determine basic child support amounts.
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Maintenance Enforcement Program

Contains information about the program, the application forms to register your maintenance Order and also allows you to view your account on-line.
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Parenting after Divorce

This is a Federal Government web site containing an outline of the Government of Canada’s proposed Child-centered Family Justice Strategy, information and resources for parents about the current system and research/ reports on parenting arrangements after separation and divorce.
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Dispute Resolution Process

Dispute Resolution Process.
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P.A.S.S. – Parenting After Separation Seminars

A required course for separating parents. Free of charge.
Call: (403) 440- 7743

C.L.E.R.C. – Children (and Youths) Legal Education and Resource Centre

Email: clerc@telusplanet.net

Provides resource information about support services and legal services available for children and adolescents.
Call: (403) 207- 9029

Other Resources

Travel Consent Letter

Federal Government sample travel consent letter.
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Canada Pension Plan – Credit Division

This form can be filled out and then submitted to divide Canadian Pension Plan credits earned during the marriage.
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