What is a ‘Living Will’

Most people are familiar with what a Will is, but a ‘Living Will’ is also an important term to become familiar with. While a Will is a document to help deal with your assets, estate and wishes after you pass on, a Living Will is a term often used to describe legal preparations to ensure your wishes are followed in the event you are mentally incapacitated during your lifetime and you cannot make decisions concerning your own well-being.

A Living Will involves setting up an Enduring Power of Attorney. This can be done at the same time you create your legal Will. If you have a Will already, you don’t necessarily need to change the document, as the purpose of the two documents is very different.

To prepare a Living Will, Calgary law firm Wright Law can help. Utilizing the expertise of experienced attorneys can help ensure your documents are created following all necessary legal processes. Find out more in our Wills section, and feel free to contact us through our online form for more information and/or to set up an appointment.

Although the situation is one that nobody likes to think about, setting up an Enduring Power of Attorney can greatly aid your loved ones in times of difficult decisions.