We are available for notarization by appointment.
If you call for an appointment we can often notarize your documents the same day.  Our convenient location with ample free parking allows you to complete notarized documents quickly and efficiently.

  1. Please DO NOT sign the document prior to attending before the Notary.
  2. All foreign language documents must be accompanied by a certified translation (no exceptions).
  3. Please ensure your document(s) are completed prior to attending at your appointment. The Notary is unable to provide legal advice pertaining to the completion of same.
  4. Read and understand your document(s) prior to arriving for your appointment.
  5. For certified true copies of documents you must produce the original document. We will be happy (and prefer)to make the copy for you.
  6. We DO NOT notarize/witness Wills that have not been prepared by our office.
  7. Every notary appointment requires valid picture government issued identification (with the exception of certified true copies of documents)
  8. We will not accept email attachments or USB drives for our office to print the documents for you. Please come to your appointment with your documents already printed.

First document: $45.00 Every document thereafter: $5.00

  to make an appointment or for any questions you may have.